Welcome Visitors and Brothers!

News for July:
  • !!!NEW SITE LOCATION!!! - Site is moving to a ".ORG" location "www.dunlaplodge.org" per site requirements mandated by the Grand Lodge of Tennessee. The ".COM" location will still be active and will redirect users to the new location.
  • *Special note* to All Brothers working on their lectures and to those that think their done. "Ask Questions" learn as much as you can there's a lot of knowledge out there, "Slow Down" be sure you are learning the meaning and not just the words, and "Stick With It" all good things come in time don't worry how long it takes you have time.
  • And as always... Have a Nice Day!!!

Regular Meeting Times:

Stated Meetings:
 Second Tuesdays - 7:00 PM Central

Practice Nights:
 Every Wednesday - 6:00 PM Central

Degree Work

 Dinner - 5:00PM Central
 Degree - 6:00PM Central

Please check back often as we will be updating frequently.